Govinda Naam Mera (2022) Review

December 20, 2022

I thought this movie would really fill the void of a fun comedic thriller but it really transitioned to become a forgettable venture!

The '90s decade belonged to Govinda who delivered one hit after another entertaining us with his zingy comedies. This film probably would work with him in the lead thirty years ago. Today, such a slapstick nonsense stuff has no place in Bollywood and sorry to say, no actor worth his salt can pull off a Govinda now!!

The story of a Bollywood backstage dancer (Vicky Kaushal) battling with a nagging wife (Bhumi Pednekar) and openly having an affair with his collegue (Kiara Advani) is as stale as yesterday's pizza (recall Govinda's Saajan Chale Sasural). Add to it the tadka of a pending property case and a murder, Govinda Naam Mera turns out to be an absurd and futile exercise at the end of its two hours ten minutes of runtime. The dialogues fall flat, the humour appears mostly forced and the situations as unreal as snow in aamchi Mumbai. C'mon guys, which middle class homemaker openly calls her lover home and makes her hubby dance in front of him while she guzzles on a whiskey peg??!! If the idea was to create laughter, sorry it doesn't…

Acting wise, Bhumi and Kiara are strictly okey dokey. Marathi actor Amey Wagh gets a meaty role but cannot rise above the lacklustre script. Daya Shetty from CID, is aptly cast as Inspector Javed and one dialogue even references his famous role in that tv series. Above all, Vicky Kaushal tries hard to get in to the comic mode here but unfortunately, a Govinda he ain't!!

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