Govinda Naam Mera

November 20, 2022

Court case, Gauri ke saath toxic marriage aur Suku ke pyaar ke beech phassa Govinda Waghmare laa raha hai apni kahaani!
A murder, some mystery, lots of thrill and masala is guaranteed.

Produced by Karan Johar starring Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi, Kiara and Shashank, Govinda Naam Mera looks like situational comedy where the main lead's tragedy and pain brings out the laughter.

Govinda Waghmare played by Vicky is married to Bhumi, who is dominating wife. He is along with Kaira are struggling choreographer trying to make big in Bollywood. Unfortunately, apart from getting viral in Tiktok and Instagram for their hook steps they don't get much chance in silver screen. On the other hand Vicky's wife Bhumi's torture keeps on increasing day by day. On one unfortunate day Vicky takes matter on his hands. Once and for all he plans to end the torture.
What follows after is grand plan is a roll-a-coaster comedy.

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