Sardar Udham (2021) Review

October 15, 2021

Sardar Udham is the slowest of slow burns. Which isn’t unusual for Shoojit. The role of Sardar Udham comes with big demands and Vicky Kaushal delivers.

Such films are very rare from Bollywood Vicky Kaushal best performance from Vicky Kaushal even better than URI his expressions were just superb. He understood his character so well I mean just watch uri you will agree with me and how perfectly he delivered dialogue like “KOI ZINDA HAI” and “tell the world I was a revolutionary”

Also the cinematography and editing was just wow!!!!!
Just look at the visuals it literally looks so real it makes you feel that you are present in London 1920s to 1940s or Amritsar etc even scenes like where Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh are cycling and playing without talking was also brilliant thanks to cinematography and not just visuals cinematography also plays a major role in portraying Sardar Udham Singh’s life like in most scenes where you see him deliver dialogue or him practicing using revolver

But cinematography and editing brilliance was off the charts in the Jallianwala bagh massacre scene they legit showed 10 camera angles in 20 seconds that to perfectly they showed general dyer army the crowd the whole area which is brilliant it’s extremely rare to see 10 Camera angles in 20 seconds in movies also in the massacre they legit showed 137 scenes in 5 minutes every second camera angle was changing and thanks to cinematography the scene literally hits you hard and it feels very emotional and you start getting furious it feels so gruesome!!!!! Just imagine how hard cinematographers,editors and director had to work

And general dyer acting was so good you start to hate him

And production design was also fabulous the 1920s to 40s London old cars, ships and costume the way they designed it was outstanding

Lastly how they portrayed Udham singh’s character and how they delivered the story
In Udham Singh they give you a deep psychological meaning of Udham’s life you may find the movie slow and it was 2hrs 42 minutes and most scenes you see udham Singh but most times he has no good dialogue except a few but before thinking it as negative observe carefully in the movie and you will find in every scene where Udham is silent has a hidden story

Like before the massacre he was a smiling happy boy but after witnessing 1000 people getting murdered mercilessly he forgets his life and smiling just imagine if you were in his place would smile or remember your happy life after seeing so many innocent getting murdered mercilessly
We should thank director for writing this character so beautifully and perfectly

Also the story telling was great the story was not A to Z in mid scene we start seeing his old life that’s why we saw assassination of Dwyer in 1st 30 minutes if it were a average bio pic film it would be shown last and that would drastically expand the movie duration also the last scene where Udham Singh takes a dip in river of golden temple for purity and spirituality the reason this scene took place in end is that this is the point where Udham Singh’s transformation starts taking place this is the point where he would avenge the massacre and do something which will shake the world and if this scene was shown earlier people wouldn’t notice it and won’t be interested because they saw the massacre scene earlier and in that scene Vicky’s expression and lip movement was simply brilliant I can’t stop seeing that scene

So in the end it’s a masterpiece gem hats off to Shoojit Sarcar Vicky Kaushal and others for such gem

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