Public Review: First Day First Show of 'Zara Hatke Zara Bachke'

June 3, 2023

The movie is all about mediocre songs with no punches.
Background score
Sharib Hashmi
Paan wala lawyer
I can't believe Vicky is the same actor who did uri ,saradar uddham Singh n raazi. He is totally misfit to be a commercial hero , it totally feels he has completely taken the baggage of being Katrina's husband and completely forgotten his potential that how great as an actor he is…it's visible from his last choices that he is struggling to be this star who totally killing his actor worth.
Sara ali khan never disappoints to disappoint the audience . She is totally maniac in the movie her high pitched dialogue delievery, her hit n mostly misses in comedy ,her monotonous expression in emotional scenes , her OTT physicality. You will just laugh throughout to see how bad an actress could be.. instead of being subtle she is being loud with every passing movie. You will cringe n be embarassed whenever she hits the screen she speaks to the camera instead to the film characters. Idk what potential a director sees in her that she keeps bagging film instead industry has got many underated female actors. Genuine advice :she must take a break n definitely go for acting training.
Supporting actors were just mediocre and helped movie to just get stretched.
Second half is painful
Climax is a lag

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