Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani (2023) Review | Sucharita Tyagi

July 29, 2023

Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani Review by Sucharita Tyagi – Ranveer Singh leans into his Ranveer-ness just as much as Jaya Bachchan does into her Jaya’-ness. Before his face, we see his well-toned butt, almost immediately cutting to a song sequence, abs on full display. He could have sleep-walked through this part, Punjabi twang aside, a lot of the Rocky-isms seemingly come to the actor naturally. But instead of just relying on his natural boisterousness Ranveer taps into a vulnerable side that makes you want to hug this confused little big man. He isn’t afraid to look like a primate learning how to use calculus, as circumstances teach him about equality and dignity. There is a certain Irrfan-ness to this Ranveer Singh performance. He is so undeniable Rocky, the one-liners, quips as he exits frames, and repartees are more enjoyable than in any of his outings before. “Cardein max karke aayenge aaj toh” as he leaves for shopping with Rani’s mother, or when he sees her drink, incredulously saying out loud, “You are takaoing?” with more respect than malice, this could be Ranveer, could be Rocky, there are no lines very quickly into the movie. Even when he’s mad, he says “consexual”, the film aware of when his demeanor is being played for laughs, and when not. Ranveer is not just in his element, but also in this movie, inhabiting his director’s world, in a way only a secure, well-polished artist can. The man embraced lehengas, skirts, make-up, unisex almost feminine fashion before everyone else in the entertainment industry, anyone else playing Rocky would have been a disservice to the legacy Ranveer is building.


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