Pathaan IMAX First Day First Show

January 25, 2023

Don't waste your MONEY !

Clearly the films script is altered by SRK. have you ever heard of a terror outfit X? Seriously?
We have always heard of MUJAHEDIN, ISIS, ALQUIDA, TALIBAN,etc. Shahrukh clearly wanted to hide this radical Islamist outfits & it shows in the movie. Anyways Shahrukh has never done films with Islam being the religion of the terrorist because he has huge fan following in Islamic countries. It looks like Deepika was just hired and forcibly put down there to show skin & body to seduce audience. John has acted way better than SRK. Can you image that ? John better than SRK in acting.

ACTION scenes copied from Hollywood but with Poor VFX.
The script is very weak with having good looking terrorists & which terror group is named OUTFIT X ? It is more like the writer was in illusion when writing this movie.

Direction is weak , screenplay okaish. Expected a much realistic script. Guys donate food ,blanket , milk to poor instead of wasting 400 to 500 on this unrealistic film.


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