Gaslight (2023) Review

April 9, 2023

Gaslight is annoyingly flat, with uninspired acting performances.

An old haunted palace, a female protagonist who sees ghost there, a hero who turns her saviour and finally, the twist in the tale as to who was faking it up!! A plot like this has been a Bollywood staple since the '60s. The Ramsays made it their own in the '80s. A bathing woman at midnight just before the monster strikes her was the most common scene. Only Sara Ali Khan doesn't take a shower here. Rest of this one hour fifty minutes of 'bhootiya' mystery called Gaslight is pretty much the same template.

Chitrangada Singh as Sara's step mom who seems to be hiding some sinister secret, catches your attention for her radiant beauty and elegance. Vikrant Massey as the estate manager who helps Sara, is earnest as always. Madame Sara herself bound to a wheelchair throughout the film, gets the meatiest role of all but still, her performance is strictly average. So is Gaslight!!


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