Bawaal (2023) Review: Taran Adarsh

July 22, 2023

We all have seen and heard stories of people maturing up or coming of age. In a good plot, a character goes through life situations, realizes his own life mistakes and learns from them. A good example would be Lakshya. In bad plots, the character gets spoonfed by someone and changes himself instantaneously as if nobody told them in the past about their bad qualities. One past example of spoon feeding was Doctor G and Bawaal is the most recent one.

I don't quite understand Bollywood's obsession with Europe and the idea of finding yourself there. It's as if people's personality changes while they're onboarding the plane and we see an entirely different person in Europe. Bawaal suffers from this phenomenon and it becomes very hard to explain how these conservative characters become all so open to criticism and feedback in Europe.

The comparison with Hitler was naive to say the least and very insensitive at it's worst. Hitler was not a street conman with an image to maintain. He was a very calculated and cunning leader.

I find it hard to believe someone actually thought that comparing a romcom situation to a devastating world war was a rational move.

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