Adipurush Honest Review

June 17, 2023

The highly anticipated film of 2023 starring South superstar Prabhas, has finally made its way to theaters. The movie, which features Kriti Sanon as Sita, Saif Ali Khan as Ravana, and Sunny Singh as Laxman in prominent roles, offers a modern interpretation of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Although the initial teaser received a lukewarm response and the filmmakers took a step back to refine the visual effects, devoted fans remained enthusiastic about experiencing the film on the big screen, particularly after the release of the trailer. The wait has now ended for Prabhas fans as they flocked to theaters nationwide on June 16th. However, despite high expectations, ‘Adipurush’ fell short of the public’s expectations, with users expressing their disappointment through memes and critical commentary on Twitter, particularly regarding the portrayal of mythological characters and the quality of VFX.

Some fans have humourously compared a sequence of Prabhas’ appearance in the film to that of Jesus Christ instead of the expected portrayal of Lord Rama, leading to playful trolling. Similarly, Saif Ali Khan’s depiction of Ravana has also faced criticism, with fans commenting that his portrayal resembles an Afghan invader rather than the iconic King Ravana. Additionally, the inclusion of unconventional tattoos on Indrajeet’s body has left fans dissatisfied. Above all, it was the poor quality of VFX came as the major target for criticism and was subjected to harsh roastings.

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