Sooryavanshi (2021) Movie Review

November 5, 2021

The theaters with 100% occupancy are back!
Does the Rohit Shetty starrer mark the return of Bollywood ?

Let me make it clear in advance that this is the first film I have watched in cinemas since the pandemic, and my intention was clearly to enjoy a masala action movie. Sooryavanshi is not only easy on the eyes, but is also charming to senses if entertainment is what you're looking for. It's not a very complex story; it's rather easy to follow and enjoy whatever the film has to offer, ranging from the stunning action sequences to music to bits of humor. This is a proper "mass" movie designed for fans of escapist cinema and especially the action genre aficionados. Rohit Shetty has proved that he can make movies which can please crowds and make sure the average viewer exits the auditorium with a sense of satisfaction.

The plot is simple and straightforward. Aside from the protagonist's backstory, there is no deviation throughout the film and it remains focused on its key theme. The scale starts getting bigger in the second half and that's where you realize what exactly Sooryavanshi has in store for you. There's some humor here and there, but even the emotional bits are handled well for a film meant to mark the return of popcorn entertainment best enjoyed on the big screen. And the major highlight, the action, is simply the best thing about it. Crazy explosions, cool fights and thrilling shootouts are the key offerings of this film, and that alone should make it clear who it's going to entertain the most. Also, performances and casting are top notch. Sure, Katrina Kaif doesn't deliver what can be called the greatest acting or dialogue delivery ever, but does a decent job.

And Akshay Kumar, the main reason Sooryavanshi is known to audiences, steals the show in his return to the masala template. Editing and dialogues are fantastic, and the final act is the film's best part. Sooryavanshi is meant to bring in crowds of audiences to cinemas, and makes sure to include something for everyone. I was so happy that I didn't leave my seat until the last frame even as others already had. All in all, a solid action entertainer and a complete treat for the masses that enjoy cinema for escapism. The film carries a near-perfect mix of all elements a good masala potboiler is expected to carry, and is easily one of the most entertaining films of the year. If possible, don't wait for its Netflix premiere, book a ticket, wear a mask and enjoy this colorful extravaganza on the big screen, the way it is meant to be best enjoyed.

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