Nail Polish (2021) Review

January 2, 2021

Brilliant movie. Amazing performance by Arjun, have done the complete justice to his role, no words to say, loved the way he presented himself every screen. What to say about Manav Kaul Mann… superb artist, brilliant actor deserves more versatile roles in his upcoming career. I just loved the way he switched his character from a Man to a Graceful lady Charu Raina even @ the end. If we talk about underrated actors, Manav Kaul would surely make it to top 5.

Normally,Courtroom drama follows a template of showing us an incident, followed by the hearings from both ends and the predictable final verdict. Viewer may take sides throughout the proceedings. Nail polish manage to break the template by convincing the viewer not to stand by sides.

Veer Singh is accused of rape and murder of 2 children. As this case is important for the local government, public prosecutor Amit kumar is appointed to lead the case and opposition party hires Sid Jaisingh to defend the accused. What happens when the case takes a strange and bizarre turn.

The film starts with a non linear narration of Few incidents. An incident is shown and then leads to investigation. Then a hospitalized Veer is shown and then switches to the series of incidents leading to it.
Writer is intriguing enough to keep us engaged. Writing and execution never take stands and never allow us to support any side. Director adds authenticity to the twist and the love track.

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