Haseen Dilruba (2021) Review

July 2, 2021

From a neutral point of view I can say that this movie is not fully bad. (It's my opinion though. I'm not disrespecting other opinions.)
This movie has simply put everything in its order. Good plot, strong cast, character development, romance, thrill, murder mystery. It also showed lots of subtle emotions which might not look that important but they actually are.

Rishu, being a simple small town boy, has portrayed its role beautifully. Vikrant Massey has my heart for playing this role. He not only showed true love and sincerity for his wife Rani, but also became the insane lover at the end. On the other hand, Rani might have been really arrogant, ill-mannered and cheater at first, but her honesty towards Rishu about her having extramarital affair with Neel cannot be unseen. Tapsee has again simply nailed it.

Harshvardhan Raney as Neel managed me to hate him that reflects he has played his role perfectly. Other side characters like Rishu's friend Afzar, Rishu's parents, Rani's mother and aunt have resembled some long known characters from our life.

The most amazing concept I think is that this movie came up with the idea of having an imaginary crime novelist named Dinesh Pandit who gave this story a strong hand. Though people might think this movie is overrated and got unnecessary hype, I personally think this movie is not that bad. Bollywood itself can't come up with a strong plot like this one. So before coming to a conclusion, I suggest you watch this movie once by yourself and then decide.

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